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Chinriu Honten is known for Japanese fine food made of ume plums and red shiso perilla. Products are sold through own shops, major department stores and high quality supermarkets.


We represent more than 60 Japanese traditional food producers, craftsmen and designers for their business outside of Japan under the brand NIHON ICHIBAN.


NIHON ICHIBAN sells through various e-commerce sites around the world and also has a growing network of foreign shops and resellers. The line-up consists of more than 2000 SKU and it keeps growing as we keep adding authentic Japanese products and make them available to an international audience.

Brands we Represent in Japan

TruffleHunter Japan
TruffleHunter in Japan


TruffleHunter is a UK based specialist for Italian truffles with an excellent value for money proposition. In Japan TruffleHunter has been positioned as a specialist for truffle products with stores under its own brand in 2013. The truffle oils and preserved truffles are constantly gaining popularity among consumers and food professionals.


The TruffleHunter line-up in Japan consists of white and black truffle oils, various preserved minced truffles, truffle sale, truffle honey and truffle pasta.

Teekampagne Japan
Teekampagne in Japan

TEEKAMPAGNE from Germany is the world's leading importer for Darjeeling leaf tea. It was one of the first companie carrying the 100% Darjeeling mark from the Tea Board of India. All Darjeeling teas are organic, of highest quality and tested for about 500 pesticides and other residuals. Since TEEKAMPAGNE Darjeeling regularly is the winner of leading German consumer magazines testing the quality of teas.

Shops / ショップ

Chinriu Honten Logo
TruffleHunter in Japan


Recruiting / リクルート

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