Chinriu Honten starts selling Darjeeling Tea from Teekampagne

October 1, 2013

Chinriu Honten launches Teekampagne, the world's leading brand for Darjeeling leaf tea.


Teekampagne Darjeeling tea is of very high quality of large tea leafs only (FTGFOP1). It is certified by the Tea Board of India to be 100% real Darjeeling tea. 

The Teekampagne teas are checked for about 500 residuals and carry the organic mark of the EU and Germany.


Chinriu starts selling the 2013 First Flush and will later launch the 2013 Second Flush and a Darjeeling blend tea.

About Teekampagne

Teekampagne is the sales brand of the company Projektwerkstatt in Potsdam, Germany. Projektwerkstatt is the world's largest importer of Darjeeling leaf tea.

Shops / ショップ

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Recruiting / リクルート

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