Chinriu Honten collaborates with French chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux to develop Japanese style chocolate

October 1, 2012

Paris based chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux and Chinriu Honten collaborated to develop a new Japanese style chocolate with sakura cherry blossoms.


The Sakura Chocolate was first launched on the Salon Du Chocolat in France in October and will be launched in Japan at the Salon du Chocolat at the Isetan department store in February 2013.


Chinriu Honten will launch its own version of the chocolate under the name of WA Chocolat SAKURA (和ショコラ桜).

About Chocolatier Jean-Charles Rochoux

Jean-Charles Rochoux is a French maker of artisanal chocolate based in Paris. He gained an excellent reputation through the high quality of his products and innovative concepts. Jean-Charles Rochoux is a regular participant of the "Salon du Chocolat" at the Isetan department store in Japan.

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