Chinriu Honten produces and retails Japanese fine food since 1871. Our line-up of Japanese pickles and sweets is well known for its high quality and distributed in own shops, department stores and high quality super markets.


Through our own internationalization we also started to work together with other business inside and outside of Japan. We help small and mid-size business in Japan to sell their product abroad and we also work as Japan distributor for foreign companies. 


Being owned by the same family since five generations we like to work with other family business and build long-term relations.

Japan Import & Export

Do you want to launch your brand in Japan?


We will analyze the market for your product and create a distribution strategy including our own physical and online shops as well as retailers and restaurants where applicable.


Are you interested in Japanese products?


You are a restaurant or retailer outside of Japan and interested in our line-up of Japanese products.




Shops / ショップ

Chinriu Honten Logo
TruffleHunter in Japan


Recruiting / リクルート

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